Professional site inspection to identify vulnerabilities

At regular intervals, there is a need to evaluate and check the site. It is problematic for entrepreneurs or businessmen to do this on their own. This is why they prefer to order Pen test. This is due to the fact that specialists conduct effective testing and also use Pentest Service. All this allows you to install all existing vulnerabilities in a short time.

Over the past few years, Pentest as a Service has been quite in demand. This is because it is used to simulate hacker attacks. This all makes it possible to install all existing vulnerabilities. They can have not only an internal, but also an external character.


Pentesters used in the diagnostic process make it possible to identify all possible attack vectors that are actively used by attackers, as well as hackers, to gain access to a computer system. Tests can be carried out both during operation and before the system is launched.

Pentest – effective protection against hacker attacks

Before taking advantage of such an attractive and interesting testing, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of the test. Essentially, a pentester puts in some effort to hack into a system. The information that a person receives in the process can be used to achieve the goal.

To obtain an effective result, threat modeling is first performed. To achieve the required effect, professionals pre-structure all the threats and difficulties that may arise.

  1. Internal threats. They can be represented in the form of partners, suppliers, as well as managers and direct employees. After all, they can use other people’s data and also disseminate information.
  2. External threats. To penetrate, hackers can use a variety of applications, programs, network protocols and other sources.

Professionals will be able to conduct efficient and high-quality testing, as well as automatic scanning. All this will help achieve a unique effect in a short time.

To take advantage of all the benefits and capabilities of Pentest, you should contact professionals. By contacting CQR, you can get high-quality results with minimal costs and optimal costs.

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