Optimal furniture in a small hallway

The arrangement of the hallway is a very responsible event. After all, any house begins with a hallway just like a theater begins with a coat rack. Therefore, you need to carefully consider all the moments and possible nuances. It is good when the hallway is large and there are many options for its design. But what if the hallway is small, and you need to place the necessary furniture in it so that it takes up a little space and the space looks attractive. In fact, it is not difficult at all, it is enough to know a few simple secrets. And you can order or buy a ready-made entrance hall in the company Senator.

The main thing in any hallway, of course, is the presence of a wardrobe, hangers with hooks, mirrors, cabinets for shoes and shelves. If the dimensions of the hallway are very small, then the ideal option would be a corner wardrobe or wardrobe with a mirrored door. Agree that it would not be superfluous to see yourself in full growth before leaving the house. In addition, large mirrors visually expand the space, and designs of small mirrors fill the room with light and additional volume. It is also very important to choose the right lighting. It is advisable to provide two independent light sources – general and functional lighting.

Furniture for a small hallway must necessarily be light tones, otherwise the space will visually decrease. In such halls, you need to try to place only the most necessary furniture items, in no case should you overload the room. If there is no way to place a small sofa, put a small ottoman next to the shoe shelf so that it is convenient to shoe. A chest of drawers for storing gloves, handbags, keys, umbrellas and other little things may well replace functional shelves.

Do not forget that the style in which you design your hallway should be combined with the style of the rest of the rooms in the apartment.

Beautiful hallway to order

Furniture for any hallway on order should be not only beautiful, but ergonomic and functional. After work, going home, we first look for a place where to stick an umbrella, keys, bag and shoes. And, of course, based on this, the overall interior of the hallway implies not only ordering furniture according to an individual project, but also equipping it with various auxiliary built-in elements.

If the entrance hall is small, then it should not be cluttered with large-sized furniture, it has become fashionable to make sliding wardrobes for the entire length of the wall, if space allows.

The most necessary thing in the hallway is, of course, a wardrobe for outerwear. You will also need in the hallway and a pencil case, equipped with many drawers for various little things. A wall-mounted umbrella with a shoe rack will help keep order in the hallway, even in the most slushy weather.

For the female “half”, such a detail as a mirror is even very relevant and important, and, in their opinion, a mirror cannot be large. Seeing yourself in full growth, in all its glory – this is the dream of any woman, and not only leaving the house. It is not necessary that the mirror be a separate interior object, you can simply order a sliding system with mirrors instead of doors to the closet, which will visually increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hallway.

Such a design as a sliding wardrobe, in this case, will ideally fit into the interior of the hallway, and the sliding system instead of doors will not take up space even with open doors.

It is also important to take into account the interior in other rooms, so that the hallway harmoniously fits into the overall picture.

One more important detail should not be overlooked – lighting. Lighting should be designed in such a way that you do not block the light in front of the mirror. It is also desirable to equip the wardrobe and internal consoles with special lights for complete convenience.

A beautiful hallway, made to order, will delight you every time.

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