Legalization of squatting

Unauthorized real estate objects, or redevelopment of existing ones, without fail requires official registration. But what kind of buildings should be drawn up and our today’s article will tell.

If you have erected a country house or a country cottage on your own land, this does not mean at all that it belongs to you by law. If you do not carry out the registration of ownership of unauthorized property, it will not eventually belong to you. The same rule applies to all outbuildings.

We strongly recommend you hurry up

In accordance with the latest government regulations, which are directly related to the procedure for legalizing unauthorized construction, there are quite significant fines for such properties. You may need both BTI, and a project, and an electrical measuring laboratory. For an unauthorized object, you will have to pay not 850 hryvnia, but all 10.7 thousand, in the case of exploitation of such an object, the amount of the fine increases to 48 thousand. However, one should not be upset prematurely, since for the period of this year the parliamentarians imposed a moratorium on the collection of fines. Until the end of the current 2013, it is possible to carry out the procedure for legalizing an unauthorized structure and completely free of charge. On the basis of which we can recommend that all owners of such objects invest in the period until the beginning of next year.

Real practice shows that self-building in our country can be used for quite a long period of time, especially for country houses. More closely monitored commercial facilities. But it is still necessary to legalize squatters in order to protect yourself from possible troubles.

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