How to treat allergies correctly

Many people are faced with a problem as allergies. And, as a rule, it delivers a lot of trouble. However, getting rid of allergies and its consequences can. One of the main causes of allergies is the lack of chlorids in the human body. Unfortunately, few people know about it.

How to properly treat allergies

But it is the increase in the missing chlorides that will lead to the fact that your allergy will pass. But in order for there to be more chlorides, you should eat more foods that will replenish the salt reserves in your body. These include any seafood, as well as vegetables and fruits. In addition, after 30 minutes after eating, you can lick a small amount of salt with your tongue.


It happens that due to allergies, the lungs suffer. In such cases, it is useful to do inhalations. Sea salt in the form of an aqueous solution must be placed in the inhaler. If you do not have an inhaler, then you can place salt in any convenient container, preheat it and breathe it in. For example, take sea salt and heat it up in a frying pan. Then take a cardboard and make a funnel out of it, and just start breathing through the narrow end of the funnel.

Sea salt

Allergies can cause poor functioning of not only internal organs, but also affect the skin. If this happens, then after you have taken a bath, start wiping yourself with sea salt. It is advisable not to wash it off immediately, give it time to dry on the body and crumble itself. If, due to allergies, small ulcers have begun to appear on your body, then a sea salt compress will help you.

How to properly treat allergies

It is not difficult to make such a compress. For 1 liter of water, 100 g of sea salt is taken. After that, an ordinary cotton cloth is lowered into this salt water. Let it soak in salt water, and then apply to all affected areas. Do not forget that the result will be achieved faster if you do such procedures regularly.


Such procedures are very useful to do in the event of an allergy. They help improve kidney function. For this procedure, you will need pork or beef kidneys, which must be boiled in salt water. At the same time during cooking you need to change the water at least 3 times. Then an hour before the bath or sauna you need to eat it. After that, 15 minutes before you start these procedures, you need to drink diaphoretic kvass. The duration of the procedure is about 2 hours. The course should be at least 10 procedures, which must be done once a week.

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