How to choose the right engine oil

Changing engine oil is a fairly routine operation. The mileage through which it is necessary to replace the fluid is individual, but still, during the life of the car, the procedure is carried out more than once. You can contact a specialized service center and the specialists will quickly do everything for you. But it will incur additional costs.

You can change the oil yourself, technically it is not at all difficult. The main thing is to choose the right product. The assortment on the shelves is large, so it is not difficult to get confused in the names. Professionals recommend choosing a lubricant as follows.

First way

Find out what the manufacturer has to offer. To do this, open the service book and study the item on changing the oil. You need to be prepared that it is almost impossible to find an official lubricating fluid with us. The main thing is to understand what characteristics are needed and choose an analogue.

You can use the official websites of dealers or large auto stores. If there are spare parts for the model on sale, then consumables are always present. At the same time, it is often indicated what to pour where.

Second way

Find out which car oil is filled. If the car was bought on the market, then the necessary information is knocked out of the owner, bought in the salon – shake the manager. There is a possibility that it will not work to find out this part or the operation of the engine with filled oil is not satisfactory. Then the power plant is washed and filled with what is needed.

Third way

Forums and familiar mechanics. Over time, the engine needs oil with a different viscosity. Parts gradually wear out and the liquid that suits you earlier may no longer be suitable. Plus, the time of the year matters. In cold weather, high viscosity is not needed. So expert advice won’t hurt.

Another important detail. All sellers will strive to sell goods more expensive. Therefore, before buying, you need to make a small list of oils with the desired characteristics of different manufacturers. Famous brands often charge a premium for the brand, while the quality remains the same.

Now a little about fakes. All efforts spent on selection may be in vain if the oil was spilled from a barrel in some basement. It is important to constantly keep in mind the proverb about free cheese and not be too lazy to go to specialized stores with a good reputation. Again, the drivers are friendly people, so you can ask your neighbors in the parking lot or garage about the outlet.

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