How to choose a larch board

For a long time, larch has been one of the most sought-after wood species. Why was she able to gain popularity? All thanks to its durability. The most striking example of larch houses is Venice, which has long been located on piles of alpine larch and does not rot under the influence of water.

The choice of wood should always be approached carefully and prudently, since the quality of the built product and buildings depends on it. Actually, let’s move on to the main points that are important to pay close attention to when choosing larch materials.

When examining a larch board, it is important to measure it in terms of thickness, width and length, this is 29 mm x 135 mm x 3/4/6 m. As for the geometric shape of the board, it must be perfect. Prostrog grooves and spikes – smooth, without cracks. It’s not difficult to determine, even beginners can handle it.

Next, we deal with the categories into which larch is divided. There are several of them – extra, prima, A, B, BC, C. The main parameter by which the category is determined is the number of knots and their quality. You can find a quality larch board at . Timber processing complex Siberia offers various lumber of any volume with shipment across Russia.

Boards of the “Extra” category are smooth and with an even prostrog, the presence of cracks is not allowed. Board of the highest quality, costs about 55 thousand. rubles per 1 cube. m.

Board category “Prima” allowed the presence of 1-2 knots per product. It is of the same high quality as the Extra board, but a little cheaper, in the region of 45-50 thousand. rubles per 1 cube. m.

The lower the category, the more knots in the board. However, edge loss and flaws on them are still unacceptable. Exception – category C. Larch of this category is 3 times cheaper than all of the above. Bought only for maximum savings in time and money.

Let’s not forget to mention an important parameter like humidity. When a board is bought for a floor or interior wall decoration, it goes through a preliminary chamber drying and in the finished form the moisture content remains about 10% in it. It is advisable to measure this parameter before direct purchase, since even 2% excess moisture leads to unpleasant consequences.

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