How to build a bathhouse from a timber in a summer cottage

Today the opportunity is very appreciated in a real bath, especially their own. Moreover, the bath not only gives pleasure, but also gives vigor. Fight in the bath is especially necessary for people who move little. Also, a bath can facilitate or get rid of many diseases. In this regard, every owner of the land wants to have not only a cozy house, but also the bathhouse.

Most often, the bath is made from the beam. In this case, you should know that it should be done correctly. To be one hundred percent sure of the quality of the building, you can order it from professional craftsmen. However, if you have minimal experience in the field of construction, then you can build a bath from a bar with your own hands.

Construction of a Russian bath

The outer walls of a classic Russian bath should be made of round wood. To build such a bath, you need to use either spruce or pine. But when choosing a pine, you need to be careful, since not all trees are durable. Professionals recommend using pine in construction only in the northern regions. In the southern regions, this tree will begin to deteriorate after a few years.

For a bath, logs should be taken, the diameter of which is twenty centimeters. It is inconvenient to build from thick logs, and very thin logs will cause heat loss during operation.

Before starting construction, the material must be dried, especially if the logs are very wet. It must also be borne in mind that only the middle of the trunk can be used in construction.

After all the tips are taken into account, you can start building a bath.

As a result, the bath will practically not emit heat, and this will prove that the building is of high quality, which means that it will not rot and will not squint.

Bath foundation

The building may warp due to an incorrectly installed foundation. Which foundation to give preference depends on the nature of the soil. The columnar foundation should be laid to a depth of one and a half meters, using reinforced concrete or concrete piles. Below you need to install an anchor pillow. Sometimes a strip foundation is more suitable, it is able to support the entire building around the perimeter.

The durability of the bath primarily depends on a properly laid foundation.

It is a bath from a bar that is considered the simplest and cheapest option, which is quite realistic to do on your own.

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