Dream bathroom

The standard bathroom, unfortunately, does not allow you to install a huge Jacuzzi or other luxurious bath, for example, an art object. In this case, you have to invent a lot of tricks that expand the space, hide pipes or a washing machine. An unusual solution will be a “bath to bath”, that is, a special coating. It can be colored and even with a picture, which will add brightness to the room. Or maybe just serve as an update to an old cast-iron bath. Consider the most unusual creations called a bathroom.

Top 6 Unique Bathtubs

one. Solid wood bath. It looks very elegant and easily fits into the eco-style. In such a bathroom it will be very pleasant to relax after a hard day’s work.

2. Bath in the shape of a shoe. It will decorate a glamorous, sophisticated interior. The bathtub is painted with small colored mosaics, which makes it a brilliant element, the center of the room’s composition.

3. Bathtub under the waterfall. This is a round-shaped product built into the podium of the room. A shower is installed directly above the bath, simulating the effect of falling under a downpour. You can also put an acrylic liner in a bath with a picture of a pebble or sandy riverbed. This creates the effect of unity with nature.

four. copper bath. Such an art object is both rude and beautiful at the same time. The bath can fit into both a classic interior and a country or modern style. In any case, a warm bath will become the center of attraction in the house.

5. Bathtub with lighting. The backlight can be the most unusual: a starry sky, a sea shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, or a bloody sunset. Depending on the surrounding interior, you can choose the most suitable option and change the light according to your mood.

6. Bath in the shape of a boat. Created from a monolithic stone, it not only gives a pleasant feeling of natural material, but also awakens the imagination. You can imagine yourself as a sailor on a dangerous voyage or as a captain of a pirate ship – impressions are guaranteed.

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