Mortgage. How to issue?

Many people sooner or later think about buying their own property. However, this is getting harder and harder every year. It’s all about the crisis and other political and economic features. All these circumstances significantly aggravate the overall situation in the real estate market. It’s getting harder and harder to buy this very property. Banks are already offering higher interest rates on loans, which makes it difficult for a young family, say. However, the state is on the side of its citizens and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Itopeka – the solution to such problems. What is it and how to get a mortgage, let’s figure it out. The word “mortgage” has Greek roots and means mortgage. When we talk about a mortgage, we mean a kind of loan secured by real estate. This means that until you pay the entire amount of the mortgage, the bank has the right to own the property for which it gave funds for the purchase. Everything is simple. The official document confirming your relationship with the bank is a contract for the sale of real estate.

However, before applying for a mortgage, it is necessary to carefully study all the documents, laws that explain to us the general situation in the acquisition of real estate on a mortgage. So, in accordance with the law on the mortgage of the Russian Federation, namely the law No. 102-F3 “On mortgage (mortgage of real estate)” of July 16, 1998, which explains the situation to us according to the mortgage method, namely:

– contains a list of the property that can be transferred under a mortgage

– contains an example of a mortgage agreement

– highlights the issue of the procedure for state registration of a mortgage agreement

– contains a whole list of conditions regarding the maintenance of the property that was acquired on a mortgage.

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