Gates are always associated with protection. And indeed it is. Our ancient ancestors had to fence the territory of their settlements to protect against the penetration of wild animals. This has become especially relevant since the moment people domesticated some animals and began to build special pens for them. And the gate played a far from the last role here. And the further, the stronger the gates became, which were already protection from ill-wishers.

We all read in the stories of the old days that strong walls were built around ancient cities, and at night the entrances to them were locked with strong wooden gates. Gates and today do not lose their relevance. Of course, they are already intended to protect not cities, but individual buildings. And the main material for the manufacture of gates was wood. Cast-iron gates were hung only at the entrance to rich estates, which, in fact, were a true work of art, created by the hands of skilled blacksmiths.

In fairness, it must be said that often wooden gates were decorated with beautiful carvings. For a long time, all the gates were closed and opened only manually. But the advent of electricity made it possible to use mechanisms that greatly facilitated and simplified this procedure. And now even heavy factory metal gates can be opened without using significant efforts. But the use of the latest materials allows you to make light, but reliable gates. Many world companies are engaged in the manufacture and sale of modern gates.

The products of this direction, which is produced by the German company Hormann, is particularly fame. The company founded in the 30s of the last century, offers its customers the widespread products. So Hormann industrial sectional gates have established themselves well, and many enterprises use them in their work. Recently, car owners prefer to install convenient sectional gates of Hormann in their garages.

After all, the gates of this company, in addition to reliability, have a completely modern design, and look beautiful in the interior of the garage, and the entire residential complex. The great advantage of modern garage doors is their rather high tightness. This means that quite a favorable temperature is maintained in the garage for the best safety of the car. Yes, and the owner of the car is much more pleasant to carry out any work in the garage, well protected from the weather.

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