How to properly varnish surfaces

We all know that the preservation of wood, it must be varnished. The varnish will help to protect the surface from moisture and temperature effects. But if there are moments that require certain knowledge.

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If you want to update the wooden surface, then before applying the varnish, it will need to be cleaned and sanded with sandpaper. Due to its qualities, sandpaper will make the wood not so smooth, but at the same time you will get rid of stains, as well as bumps. At this stage, it is important to choose the right sandpaper that will not scratch the wood surface.

If you want this or that wooden surface to have a certain shade, then first it is covered with a stain, and after it has completely dried, a varnish coating is applied to the surface.

In order for the varnish to lay down in an equal layer, it is necessary to paint the surface with it in one direction. Lacquer coating must be carried out in several stages, subsequent layers of varnish are applied only when the previous layer of varnish is completely dry.

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