How to iron trousers with arrows

As a rule, all novice housewives face a certain range of problems, among which is the problem associated with the ability to iron trousers with arrows. This problem is aggravated by the fact that in a business suit, trousers must certainly have arrows, and such trousers cannot be replaced by anything else. In this regard, this skill must be obtained by everyone who is at least sometimes forced to wear a business suit, which includes trousers with arrows.

How to iron trousers with arrows

Learning how to iron trousers with arrows is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance – to feel confident and not make mistakes, read this article, which will be devoted to this important issue.

First of all, you need to prepare for this process. In order to iron trousers with arrows, you will need a table or, better, an ironing board; iron, and, preferably, with a steam humidifier; ironer – a thin fabric made of cotton in several additions; a flat small pillow that often comes with an ironing board.

It is necessary to start the process of ironing trousers with arrows from the wrong side. Turn the trousers inside out and first iron the lining of the trousers, the lining of the pockets, the legs of the trousers and their top.

Next stage. You need to turn the trousers on the front side and iron them now from the front side, using the iron. The use of fabric when ironing trousers from the face is mandatory – otherwise the fabric on the trousers may become shiny or stained from a hot iron. The arrows of the trousers at this stage do not need to be ironed yet.

Iron the top of your trousers. Iron the pockets, waistband and belt loops, while placing a small pillow under them. Carefully iron the fastener of the trousers, first open, and then closed.

Next stage. We iron the bottom of the trousers through the iron. Don’t forget to put a small pillow in each pant leg so that the seams don’t get printed on the other side.

How to iron trousers with arrows

And now we go directly to ironing the arrows on the trousers. To make the creases even, fold the legs of the trousers so that their side seams match. If your trousers are cut correctly, then the front darts will also match. In order for the arrows on the trousers to be even, beautiful and last for a long time, you can use the following proven methods.

Before starting ironing, prepare a special solution – dilute one tablespoon of vinegar in a liter of water. Before ironing the arrows, soak your cloth, called an iron, in this solution, and as a result you will get perfect arrows that will last a very long time and will not double. It is not worth diluting soap in water, as is sometimes advised, otherwise soap stains may appear on the trousers.

You can use soap to create smooth arrows, but only in a different way. Turn the trousers inside out and run a bar of damp soap over the arrows. And then from the front side, iron the arrows through a damp iron, as usual.

To make the arrows on the trousers even and beautiful, iron one leg first, and only then the second. Then fold the legs together with their halves, align them and iron again through a damp cloth.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that even when using an iron, an ugly shine appears on the trousers. This usually happens if the pants are made of not very high quality fabric. What can be done in this case? You can eliminate the shine that appeared on the fabric of the trousers after ironing them if you wipe the problem areas with a cloth moistened with water diluted with vinegar in the proportion of one tablespoon per glass of water. Usually after that, the shine on the fabric disappears.

How to iron trousers with arrows

Hanging on a hanger and putting away freshly ironed trousers in the closet immediately after you have ironed them is not worth it. Let them cool down a little after ironing on a table or ironing board. If you hang up your pants when they are still hot, they can easily wrinkle again. Also, do not immediately put on freshly ironed trousers, and for the same reason. They need to be allowed to cool after ironing.

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