How to hang a picture

Many people, after acquiring paintings, do not think at all about how to properly hang paintings on the wall so that it can look as impressive as possible. From the correct placement of the picture on the wall depends on how it will look, and how the whole interior of the room will look like as a whole.

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the height. Most often, all people are accustomed to placing their paintings high enough above the floor, but if you overdo it with this parameter, then it will be very inconvenient to look at and consider the picture on the wall. To determine the optimal placement of the picture on the wall, you can use one very effective technique. Pictures with a horizontal location should be carried out an imaginary line on the wall, which should be located several centimeters above the picture. Moreover, it should be located on the wall so that this imaginary line is located at the eye level.

If your home or apartment is quite high ceilings, then you can apply this method for paintings that have a vertical location. Otherwise, you need to draw an imaginary line at a distance of 8 centimeters from the lower edge of the picture.

To properly hang the picture on the wall you have chosen, you must pay special attention to the backlight. Most often, additional lighting is used to highlight a certain work on a wall from several hanging ones, and to remove all glare from room lighting. Additional light should fall on the hanging picture evenly and not create shadows. For such illumination, special halogen lamps are usually used.

In addition, you should consider that the location of horizontal paintings visually lengthen them. And vertically arranged paintings increase the height of the ceilings. That is why it is advisable to hang pictures with a horizontal arrangement above a table or chest of drawers.

Separately consider the case if you want to hang several paintings on one wall. In this case, the pictures must be arranged in groups. It would be better if they match the same color scheme or the same style. In a group that consists of several canvases, the middle painting is the most important and attracts more views. Pre-estimate the composition before the fasteners, placing all the pictures that you want to hang on the floor, after which you can start hanging them.

As for the possible ways of fastening, you can hang your work of fine art with the help of dowels. This method is considered the simplest, but quite dusty. Using a puncher or drill, drill a hole in the wall, then insert a dowel into it and screw in the screw. This mounting of pictures is very durable, but if you want to hang the picture to another place, then after it a small hole will remain on the wall, which can ruin the overall look.

The most convenient way is to use hooks. They are produced in various modifications, which directly depend on the materials used on the walls. For example, a hook with four nails is used for concrete and brick walls. Such carnations are quite thin and they are made of a special refractory material. If you need to remove the hook, it will leave only a couple of small holes that will not be visible on the wall.

And finally, we will tell you how to properly hang pictures on plasterboard walls. To do this, use special dowels that need to be screwed into the wall with a screwdriver or screwdriver. In addition, you can purchase special screws that are designed to be screwed into drywall. This method of attaching paintings is considered the most reliable compared to dowels.

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