How to choose the right diamond blade?

A grinder – or, in a simple way, a grinder, indispensable for construction and repair on any scale. But, like tools like it, it is equipped with several interchangeable modules and parts that require sharpening or replacement. The grinder has discs for various surfaces. They are both simple and diamond. The latter are in great demand due to their advantages over simple. And in order to understand which diamond blade is the best, you should get acquainted with it.

You need to choose a disk for work and repair, taking into account which of the types are planned for implementation. The diamond wheel consists of a body and a cutting edge. It is the diamond edge that divides diamond tools into several types, here they are:

Solid cutting tool. It allows you to cut the material without loss of quality. The cut is accurate and even, and for products made of ceramics and marble, this is relevant and important. To cool the disk during operation, it is poured abundantly with water. Due to this, its operating time increases without interruption, and it does not overheat.

Segmented cutting tool. The disk with segments has small cutouts that look like flowers that perform the function of cooling. The disk heats up anyway, so after 1.5-2 minutes of use, it should be stopped, transferred to idle to allow it to cool. Used for cutting hard materials such as bricks, foam blocks and stone. The openings between the segments are called “ditches”. It is through them that when cutting wet materials, water flows and cools the disc. In dry cutting, on the contrary, cooling occurs due to air.

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